The Deadwood Square Inch Company, Inc. was established in 1990.   The company purchased an acre of land historically known as the “Brown Rocks”.   This property is located in the original city limits of old Deadwood.   The “Brown Rocks” look up towards the main street of Deadwood as you’ve seen on the HBO series of Deadwood. 

 The land was purchased to be sold in square inch “Deeds” to visitors to allow everyone to own a piece of history.   The idea was put on hold for several years until recently when the owner decided it was time to offer the deeds for sale. 

 The deeds for one square inch of old Deadwood are now available for you to purchase on line.    These colorful  deeds are suitable for framing and make great gifts.  The recent HBO series on old Deadwood has renewed the world’s interest in this town and its unique history.

Own a part of that history today!

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